It is known that there are some problems with speech in children with autism. These; grammatical disorders, echolalia, Using pronouns interchangeably, Difficulty understanding spoken words These are problems such as not using prepositions in appropriate places and at the appropriate time. Although autistic children's comprehension is better than their speech, they cannot understand complex commands. There may or may not be pronunciation errors. However, the intonation they use in speech may be mechanical, bumpy, non-adjustable, or lacking in emotion. There are abnormalities in the timbre, emphasis, speed and rhythm of speech. They may speak very loudly or in a whisper.   What is echolalia? Echolalia is the repetition of what an individual hears with the same tone of voice. A decrease in echolalia can be seen with advancing age and providing appropriate education. In children with autism, echolalia can be seen as immediate echolalia and delayed echolalia. In immediate echolalia, th